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Our Mission

Hi friends, let me tell you a little bit about my story before I dive into my mission here at Embody - because it all ties together. I'm all about vulnerability and authenticity, and still learning how to practice both! So I promise to be real here. 

My whole life I have struggled with feeling disassociated from my body, being present and feeling a sense of deep anxiety as well as insecurity. Child/teenhood trauma greatly shaped my difficulty in self regulating, practicing self compassion as well as my ability to connect with people around me. It wasn't until college that I really started to notice the impact all of these things had on my body, mind and spirit. My sophomore year of college, I often could not muster up the energy to get out of bed and walk to the cafeteria. I was easily fatigued, exhausted, over or hypo reactionary, self isolated and just really, really sad. 


In essence, my soul was suffering. 

All throughout college I was uninterested in moving my body or participating in anything related to group fitness. A few weeks before my wedding, my best friend Carys invited me to a yoga class - unsure what I was signing up for, I said yes. I loved and hated it. I hated how I felt like a fish out of water, how I did not know what on earth "down dog" was and at some points, how it made me feel uncomfortable because I was drawing attention to sensations and feelings in my body. But I loved how mentally clear I felt after class. I loved learning how to connect with myself. So I went back, many many times. 

Over the course of 3 years I immersed myself in all things movement. I attended classes once, sometimes twice a day and eventually instructor trained to teach classes at an experience studio, Nooma, in both Searcy and Little Rock Arkansas. I received my 200 hour yoga teacher training after attending 6 months of in-person trainings from some of the best yoga teachers in Arkansas, Jo Ann Camp and David Shropshire. I became certified to teach Trauma Sensitive yoga classes through My Vinyasa Practice online and began my journey to become 500 hour certified as well. During this time I also participated and learned from both in-person and online classes from studios worldwide including the The Class, TA method, Inside Flow, Dance Body and the Kula Collective - many of which influence my style of classes today. 

In early July of 2023, my husband Isaac and I decided to move from Arkansas to Carlisle, Pennsylvania. We had been very active in ministry at a church for 2 years, so that was a difficult goodbye for us. We moved in August of 2023 and have been settling in ever since. I grew up in near Austin, Texas - but I am absolutely loving it here. 

In September of 2023 I received a health diagnosis that has been extremely difficult to cope with. During this time, I struggled (and sometimes still do) with feelings of inadequacy and questions about purpose. 


 I needed movement and to practice connecting now more than ever. 

In November, through God's provision and grace, I connected with the landlord at Platinum Fitness Carlisle about an open space to teach classes and start a small studio. For months I prayed and asked God "If you can provide the space, I promise I will put everything I have into it!" and I intend to keep that promise with my whole heart. We are probably one of the smallest of small studios, operating at 700 square feet with one's me! For now, I am the sole teacher, manager, janitor, social media content creator, etc. We can fit about 18-20 mats in the space with enough room for a small retail desk, cubbies and our equipment. The location of Embody is truly a simple container to hold space for movement. 

I really created Embody, because I need it too. I need intuitive movement, mindfulness, dancing, yoga, etc - all in community. 

That is my first mission with Embody. To create a community of imperfect people on a journey of healing that we can connect to through movement, breath and really good playlists. 

My personal mission, is to openly share about my own healing journey and faith, as I believe all true healing comes from the love of Christ. As a guide for class, my goal is to empower, encourage, honor and respect every person that walks through the door on their journey as well.


 Thanks for taking the time to read my whole heart and mission. It truly means so much to me, and I hope your experience at Embody will be helpful, healing, connecting and encouraging for you. Please connect, I would love to hear your story too. 

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