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Each class is meant to help you become embodied in a different way.

In Flow, move to notice. 

In Soma, move to let go. 

In Synergy, move for joy. 

In Rest, move for peace. 

Non-toxic, high quality yoga mats, blocks and knee pads are provided at every class - just bring yourself, water and anything else that helps you feel embodied.


All levels are welcome in every class. 

Please go to the Mind Body website to purchase class passes, book a class, and see the weekly schedule. 

Embody Soma

This is the workout you didn't know you needed.​ 


There is something about moving in an unconventional way that gets us unstuck. Embody Soma is a somatic cardio class with elements of power yoga, mat pilates, HIIT and intuitive dance.


Give yourself time to adjust to the movement and experience of Soma - it will be worth it! This class was created with the intention of giving movement, breath and voice to our experiences and emotions. There is courage in listening and responding.  This class is mildly heated between 70-80 degrees. ​


Duration: 60 minutes​

Level: Intermediate to Advanced​

Prep Class: Flow or Rest​

Soma is every Monday at 6:15pm. 

Embody Flow

Dynamic movement to bring you out of your mind and into your body. ​


Embody Flow is a fusion of Vinyasa yoga and intuitive movement.

We'll start class with a grounding practice, ease into movement by stretching and an engaging warm up, then flow through our main yoga sequence. As the movement becomes familiar, we'll invite intuitive movement. 


This class is an immersive yoga experience - we move to music, candlelight and of course, our breath. 

Duration: 60 minutes

Level: Beginner to Advanced 

Prep Class: Rest​​

Flow is every Monday at 9:30am.

Embody Synergy

A full body workout plus dance party!

 Embody Synergy is a contemporary pilates meets mindfulness and dance fusion class. In this low impact class we connect through focus, stability and strength while moving to the beat.


Everyone in this class is encouraged to listen to their bodies and invite creativity to make the movements their own. 3lb dumb bell weights and ankle weights will be available if you choose to add on to your practice.


This class is mildly heated between 70-80 degrees.


Duration: 60 minutes

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Prep Class: Flow or Soma

Synergy is every Thursday evening at 5:30pm.

Embody Rest

Move for peace.

Enjoy 45 minutes of rest and relaxation in this restorative yoga class. In Embody Rest, we move by candlelight through slow stretches, and a gentle flow.  

This class is mildly heated between 70-80 degrees. ​

Duration: 45 minutes

Level: Beginner/All Levels

Rest is every Wednesday evening at 6pm. 

Embody Soul

At Embody, we believe that all things beautiful, healing and good come from Christ. Embody Soul is a slow flow yoga class that creates space for contemplation and movement to faith-based music. ​Whether you would like to come simply to move or to join us in movement as worship - all are welcome in this class, just the way you are. ​Join us Sunday evenings to flow by candlelight.


This class is mildly heated between 70-80 degrees. ​

Duration: 60 minutes

Level: Beginner/All Levels​

**This class will be available through pop ups during the summer of 2024 and will resume a weekly schedule starting August of 2024.

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