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Somatic workouts for an embodied experience.

Somatics are the love language of the nervous system. It is the way we communicate with our bodies so they know we are safe in our environments, and within ourselves. Embody was created with the intention of providing movement classes and a safe space for our community to move in a way that feels authentic, immersive and engaging. Combining movement, breathwork, and self compassion brings us into a place of presence to notice, respond and understand what is going on in our mind, body and spirit.



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Movement for your soul.

Mariah L

Vanessa is such a sweet soul. As a busy working mom of 3, she pushes and encourages to do hard things. She takes the time to get to know every soul that walks through her doors. Thankful for the beautiful friends that led me to her doors! Here is to putting yourself first, and do the hard things!!

Jenn B

Soma at embody feels like the best kind of therapy.

Nicole R

Absolutely loved the Flow class I took! The vibe inside is so calm and relaxing. Vanessa brings such good light and energy into the session and makes you feel comfortable at whatever level you are at. It was easy to follow along and you are encouraged to work at your own pace which I absolutely loved.

a letter of gratitude from Vanessa

life-long learner, mover, feeler.

I am beyond grateful for the God-given gift of this space and community. My prayer is that I can steward it well for the benefit of every person who walks through the door. Thank you for trusting me with your time and sharing space with me - it is truly an honor and a privilege. I promise to meet you with my whole heart in all that I offer. I am here to share and connect with each of you as a fellow student and friend. Let's move, breathe, connect, chat and learn together.





1225 Ritner Hwy, Carlisle, PA 17013 

Our studio is located within Platinum Fitness Carlisle

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